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The Italian company Vezzosi offers a service of three-dimensional design that, thanks to the most current computer innovations, is used to preview the salon that until now you could only see in your imagination.

It all starts with listening to the customer’s requirements and needs, which is followed step-by-step through all the fundamental stages for the correct creation of a hairdressing shop or of an impressive beauty centre. Our team of architectsidentifies the characteristic features and creates a 2D map, which will be used for the subsequent 3D processing.

Computer design has proved to be the best technique for giving the right value to the design products we create. But the most important trait for us is the possibility of allowing the client to have an immediate clear picture of what the final result will be. Photo rendering is used to obtain a faithful copy of the salon in all its details, thanks to the use of particularly realistic colours and finishes.


We don’t just provide a top view but we are able to produce visual solutions created at different angles. The purpose of the entire digital process is the transparency of all the steps, the first inspection, installation of the selected items and the final delivery. You will be able to see the space from the inside, as if you were projected in real time on the spot, in order to be able to analyse the individual stations, the harmony of all the elements and the arrangement of the furniture. For us, this translates into a complete customer care service and for you into significant time savings. You can dedicate yourself to other important issues and leave it to us to make your wishes come true.

Design is also about the electrical and the hydraulic system with execution of a dedicated project, as required by the regulations, paying particular attention to energy savings and system efficiency.

The 3D project mainly concerns the choice of furniture. The variety of Vezzosi products is truly vast, covering all styles and satisfying every need. Chairs for washing, workstations, sofas, reception with counter and many other accessories are freely available in our online catalogue. You can choose to follow a modern, classic, industrial or vintage style, without limits in merging the different aesthetic solutions together, for a unique effect

Our intervention ends with the provision of a team of qualified installers who will fully respect all the indications present in the project.

The choice of quality materials, the search for a tailor-made design and the passion for beauty are the basis of everything that is our service of design, construction and supply of furnishings for hairdressers and barbers.

Contact us for further information. We operate throughout Italy and also abroad.

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