Design furnishings for hairdressing salons

Even one hair creates its own shadow (Publilio Sirio)

Vezzosi was established over 40 years ago in Albinea in the province of Reggio Emilia and has become popular throughout Italy and internationally as a company specialising in the design and custom-made production of furnishings for hairdressing salons, barbershops and beauty salons.

The passion for interior design and beauty is the raw material we use to create our exclusion solutions. The quality materials, the care for each individual project as if it were the only one and the search for new styles and trends have followed us throughout a path of growth and awareness. The versatility and the inspiration of our team of architects and designers have made possible what we have become today, together with a marked flair for creativity and curiosity.

For anyone that chooses our company, we make available a whole range of products: work chairs, work stations, display units, washing units, furnishings for the beauty section and much more besides. Every item is a work of art purposefully created to make salons attractive place to visit, places that communicate the character of the professional, who uses them as a stage and not simply as a place of work.

The combination of different types of styles, the range of which includes industrial, modern and minimalistic lines, expresses the entire character and philosophy of design that we take forward with a great sense of commitment and care. This results in important collaborations with famous designer and form artists. The CURVE and POD collections in fact came about from the great and whimsical genius that is Denis Santachiara, a revolutionary and visionary inventor with a global standing.

Our furnishings are also designed for distributors, with whom we have forged a solid professional relationship built on mutual trust. For anyone seeking to distinguish and transform their salon into the personification of style, Vezzosi offers customized and completely personalised consultancy.



Relaxation, well-being and comfort. Here’s how we at Vezzosi see the treat of having a hair wash at the salon. Our vision translates into a wide variety of unique design chairs and includes footrests, adjustable sink and an innovative lymphatic drainage massage system.

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A beauty artist deserves a dedicated work station to give form to the expectations of each client. The work chairs in our catalogue are modern solutions, completely covered with the innovative skai® material and can be perfectly integrated with existing furnishings.

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Functionality and design interwoven in our work station proposals. Order and cleanliness are two fundamental concepts which must never be relegated to second place. The wide spaces offered by our modules means being able to correctly keep and store away instrumentation and all necessary items.

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The joy of waiting is in itself a pleasure. There is no better description for our models of Vezzosi waiting chairs and sofas. First impressions count, especially within a hairdressing salon and our solutions are always the right ones.

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Reception is the first space of the salon with which the client comes into contact. That’s why the Vezzosi reception and general counters are exactly what you would dream of. The beauty of the structure is combined with a perfect layout of the space, created to offer a surface on which to work in comfort.

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Retro style chairs and vintage-character units compose the barbershop furnishings. The quality of materials and the finishing touch of the lines are the main features of the solutions in the catalogue. You too can enhance the spaces of your shop with traditional, yet visionary complements.

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There’s never enough space to put away work accessories and instruments. Our service unitsin fact hide away with the idea of making each surface usable, ensuring that these solutions are not only practical but also aesthetically striking and with a strong modern character.

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Mirrors, trolleys, clothes hangers, bonnet hair-dryers and much more besides continue to be the products included in the line of complements for salons for hairdresser salons and barbershops. Each element has been designed and chosen to ensure beauty professionals have everything they need readily available to offer a superior service.

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To display the products of the new collections and offers, display units are the perfect choice. With the brackets and shelves created in different quality materials, these complements are ideal to attract the attention of the client and to engage them in the purchase of a professional treatment that they can try out in the comfort of their own home

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To admire the furnishings designed and made by Vezzosi, we invite you to visit our large showroom, perfectly organised to allow you to touch first-hand all the beautiful items that we produce. We are located in Albinea, in the province if Reggio Emilia.

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