A hairdressing salon must include a functional and design workstation. Vezzosi is an Italian company specialised in the production and sale of equipped furniture to meet the different needs of space and style. Professionalism shines through above all from apparently secondary elements and that is why every complement in a barbershop or beauty salon must necessarily communicate order and cleanliness. A complete work station emphasises the distinctive features of the style that unites all the elements of the rooms as well as being used as a place dedicated to storing all the instrumentation. In addition, these units are available with either single or double mirrors and mirror units and in the version with double-sided mirror. The latter, in particular, represents the most elegant, modern and sophisticated option you could want from a professional work station. The lightness and minimalism of glass do not require other additional materials, guaranteeing an impeccable result from every point of view.

The main types that we make are summarised in two versions: wall-mounted and central island. The wall-mounted solution is particularly practical where the available space is somewhat limited, in any case enabling all the operations to be performed in a practical and precise way. If the environments offer greater possibilities for unused areas it can be very useful to install a central island work station. Whatever your choice, our catalogue offers a variety of solutions and ideas to enhance your salon and to make everyday work more practical.

The wall-mounted modules are available in different types (single, double, round or square) while the mirrors are central to communicating the style and philosophy of the environment. The naturalness of the glass ensures the reflection of a true image thereby not distorting shapes and colours, and helping the professional to achieve highly precise results and respecting customer requirements.

All the wall-mounted workstations are equipped with practical steel footrests to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.

Depending on the character to be conveyed through the furniture of the salon, the choice of the central island station can be a solution with single, double or double-sided mirror, or can include synthetic or natural wood materials. All the accessories are made of the highest quality materials and are the result of constant and careful study. The central island gives greater possibilities to the environment in which it is installed and allows the professional to move easily from one work station to another, dedicating the right attention to each customer.

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