The true essence of a hairdressing salon is evident in the choice of style. Functionality, elegance, but first and foremost personality. The Italian company Vezzosi boasts experience of over 40 years in the productionand supply of design furnishing solutions with a focus on practicality of use both for hair artists and for retailers. The strength of our accessories lies in being able to perfectly combine the requirements of the professional, as well as the needs of each individual customer, who must rediscover professionalism in every detail.

That’s why the backwash service unit was designed to be beautiful, stylish and above all usable in any space. The environments must be functional and, for this reason, each piece of furniture in the dedicated line helps convey order and cleanliness. Materials such as plastic laminate and polyurethane are the basis of our creations, available in different types and perfectly integrable with existing furniture. In fact, they can be used both as single solutions and to complete a specific project, given the different collections in the catalogue.

The backwash unit we offer is built in the image and likeness of the hairdresser who chooses them and offers infinite aesthetic possibilities. For this reason, we thought to create multiple possibilities, essentially to satisfy the inspiration of all beauty professionals. Be fascinated by the play of colours and surfaces offered by the most creative and particular models, or opt for the classic wood effect variants, but revisited with a completely modern slant.

It all depends on the intended use of the service unit. Variants with a practical stainless steel sink and an incorporated LED lighting system are available to offer a complete workstation designed for every situation of use. From the simplest lines, but with a strong design, there are also models made in glossy melamine equipped with large doors characterised by colours that contrast with the rest of the structure.

In addition to the aesthetic features, the space available also occupies a prominent position. The large shelves are used to store not only work instruments but also professional products in order to transform everything into a multifunctional display unit. The wide doors announce the presence of a spacious place within which to be able to put away everything that is necessary, hiding away items that are rarely used or stock intended for inventory.

Also included in the line of backwash units are the works of the imaginative designer Denis Santachiara, included in the exclusive CURVE collection. The peculiarity of these accessories lies in the unusual shapes chosen by the artist to give more movement to the structure, giving it lightness and harmony from whichever angle you look at it.

By contacting us, you put your trust in an internal design and production service and in a team of architects and designers completely at your service. We also cater to distributors active both throughout Italy and abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover more about our 100% Made in Italy creations.

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