What matters is to always have something to wait for” (Didier Van Cauwelaert)

For those who work in the beauty and aesthetics sector, it is essential to know how to take care of each customer, from the first instance they cross the threshold of the salon. Vezzosi is an Italian company specialising in the design and production of design and modern waiting chairs, poufs and sofas made with the best materials.

Choosing the furniture for a hairdresser or barbershop does not have to be a superficial operation. Everything revolves around comfort and the sense of well-being that the environment is able to convey, starting from the one apparently most trivial detail. The waiting area is a space dedicated to welcoming customers and, for this reason, it must be conceived and designed in terms of ergonomics and style.

There are many solutions and each is absolutely unique. According to requirements, it is possible to choose between:

  • Chair: this complement is synonymous with comfort and relaxation, managing to guarantee all the comfort of a sofa, but with smaller dimensions and more compact lines. As with all the waiting seats, it is available in different shades to perfectly match the surrounding environment.
  • Sofa: now having become the classic of waiting areas, this work of art offers a surface that is spacious and comfortable in every respect. The backrest welcomes the entire body, transforming the moment of waiting into a perfect business card. Single or double, the sofas we make adapt perfectly to all existing furnishing styles and can be positioned as you wish to obtain an area of character, one that is playful or more elegant and sophisticated.
  • Pouf: it is a complement that is particularly suitable for spaces that are not too large or to add an extra touch to existing furniture. The poufs in our catalogue are made in different shapes. They offer perfect support for legs and feet and can also act as a single elements where necessary.

Strengthened by our experience and passion for researching new and versatile products, we have transformed a number of models of our waiting chairs into positions dedicated to drying. The time that this treatment takes to be optimal must be spent in total relaxation and that’s why the chairs and sofas are created with built-in bonnet hair-dryer-holder. You will thus be able to use an attractive, practical and one-of-a-kind workstation.

The seats we create are entirely covered with skai and are available in a range of colours and upholstery to adapt to the design needs of each enterprise. The structure is made of solid plastic laminate and enhanced, in some models, with finishes and details in the best quality steel.

Our service is primarily aimed at distributors and freelancers. Our supply service is active throughout Italian and also abroad. Contact us for further information.

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