Is it possible to combine tradition and modern practices? The Vezzosi chairs for barbershops are the perfect combination of these two apparently different styles. The classic workstation with reclining backrest, headrest and adjustable footrests is revisited thanks to the use of innovative and futuristic materials such as skai. Aluminium and steel explode in all their naturalness, recalling an industrial and minimal style typical of the modern scene. But beyond the design, all the furniture inside a barber’s salon must necessarily convey a sense of comfort and well-being. This is why the design and production of the barber line chairs focus on making particularly comfortable chairs, above all thanks to the specific padding that helps support the back during all stages of the treatment.

Available in a variety of colours and upholsteries, the work chairs are reminiscent of old neighbourhood shops from the 1930s, handing down a timeless style accompanied by all the contemporary technologies and options.

Like a stage for an artist, so too the work station of a barber becomes the space in which to stage a tailor-made show, respecting the wishes of the spectator customer. The Vezzosi Retro line was designed and created with an eye on the good old days. The return to origins of the first barbershops is emphasised by the predominant use of wood, a material that does not age and is perfectly suited to be associated alternately with other products such as steel and ceramic. All the workstations in our catalogue are equipped with baskets, pull-out drawers for the storage of equipment and storage shelves which also act as practical displays for the sale of professional products. The modules are specially designed to concentrate actions in a small but perfectly organised space. The workflow will be much faster, resulting in the provision of a highly professional service.

Every washing unit within our online catalogue is intended to be ergonomic, functional and in a design style. The seats are characterised by their marked comfort, offering the customer an opportunity for relaxation where everything revolves around guaranteeing maximum well-being. The stations are equipped with a practical and efficient adjustable and reclining sink that does not sit heavily on the neck during treatment. The materials used are some of the best in the industry and meet the requirements for cleanliness and order, essential factors to always guarantee an optimal service. The wear resistance, ease of maintenance and aesthetics combine in what is not just a simple complement but a concentrate of research and passion for beauty and design.

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