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For over 40 years, the Italian company Vezzosi srl has put all of its passion for the design and love of beauty at the service of hairdressing salons and barbers, overseeing the design and production of design furnishing complements.

Our customers return to us, confident and safe in the knowledge of being able to find quality, service, innovation and creativity in every work of art that we create. These are the guidelines that we have always followed and that make us a leading company in the market and also active globally.

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The continuous study of new lines, innovative materials and trend inspirations result in the creation of forms that are always contemporary and of items that are no longer work tools but which become actual design objects.

Whether aluminium, steel, glass, wood or Plexiglas, nothing is left to chance but is the result of in-depth analysis not only in the world of the coiffeur but of numerous market sectors. For us, each area or situation that can be a source of inspiration for a new creation is worth exploring with curiosity and an open mind.

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On our scale of values, on the same level as creativity and design, we also place the quality of the product and customer satisfaction, two conditions that we consider essential for the success of a company.

Each product conceived from our imagination is accompanied by a mark that certifies its production and origin in Italy. At a time in history in which the excessive focus on price results in increasingly inferior products being placed on the market, Vezzosi seeks to maintain high-level quality standards.

This standard is also evident in the services we offer to the customer: a design office that is always available for three-dimensional proposals which, using the most up-to-date technological innovations in the field of information technology, makes it possible to create drawings that are similar to real photographs; a team of experts ready to visit the salons to take measurements on site and already proposing the first furnishing ideas; a team of specialist fitters for the assembly of the salon; a sales office to maintain contacts with the entire world; a distribution network to cover the entire territory.

Anyone that puts their trust in our experience is followed right from the start to the end along the path that leads to the choice to refurbish or open their own salon.


For some years now, the sales and marking policy of Vezzosi has been to set up production in lines and collections in such a way as to suggest to our clients furnishing ideas that are clearly defined and always tailor-made.

One of the most important and significant collaborations is represented by the journey undertaken with the famous designer Denis Santachiara, known throughout the world for his exhibition works at the Louvre in Paris, at the Moma in New York and at the Biennale in Venice.

There are many other creative collaborations that are noteworthy that have led to the creation of chairs, washing units, work stations, reception counters and furnishings of all types of form, colour and style, combined with the strong desire to leave a mark and to stand out from the competition.

Our creations are designed for retailers and for salons of freelancers, both in Italy and abroad.

To learn more about the Vezzosi world, please contact us. Our headquarters are in Albinea, in the province if Reggio Emilia.

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