The reception is the first piece of furniture you see when you enter a salon or shop. That’s why the first impression is crucial to convey the character, style and philosophy of the inner environment.

Vezzosi is a company that specialises in the production and sale of different types of hairdresser counters. The reception area, thanks to our solutions, will be perfectly integrated with the surrounding furniture as well as serving as a perfect location for the reception and appointment management area.

Round, square, angled or semi-circular; the range of reception counters consists of geometries and items that are able to satisfy all needs. The plastic laminate and the melamine are the basis on which our works are created, expertly enriched with materials such as skai and wood to create a product with different facets and applications. All the reception counters are equipped with a practical support surface, with drawers and with storage compartmentssuch as to always convey the right level of order and cleanliness.

Numerous models with integrated lighting are present in our catalogue. The application of an LED system allows the structure to stand out in all its beauty, optimally emphasising and accentuating the shapes and details. A simple, but only in appearance, play of lights can really make a difference and create a suggestive and at the same time relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere inside the salon.

The structure and use of natural light are factors that significantly affect the choice of a model with or without lighting. Where there are large windows and very large spaces, it is always preferable to opt for the reception counter area without LEDs. Our furniture is the maximum expression of modern design, whose lines can be accentuated even without the need for artificial light. The different colours and upholsteries available are used to express your whole soul through a piece of furniture.

Structures in plastic laminate or melamine are the basis for creating infinite types of reception, designed to be complete, without the need for a strong artificial light source. If your shop is surrounded by windows, the external panorama will create shadows and shades thanks to the natural lighting. You will be able to obtain unexpected effects, based on the different hours of the day and on the inclination of the sun’s rays. Your salon will never be the same again.

The Vezzosi reception counters with light points give comfort, functionality and elegance to the inside the room, starting from a single light source.

The LEDs offer countless possibilities of combinations and they can fit perfectly into any context. Whether it’s a semi-circular, square or corner reception, the panels with integrated lighting emphasize the harmony of the lines and create new shades.

The client will be immersed in a sensory experience and will feel completely at ease even before undergoing the beauty treatment.

We invite you to view our catalogue and to contact us for further information or to request a quote. We distribute reception stations for hairdressing salons throughout Italy and abroad.

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