To meet the needs of all beauty professionals, such as hairdressers and barbers, the Vezzosi company designs and creates quality accessories, made by our team of designers.

Within the online catalogue there are several solutions that help in the management of the salon, both from a customer care point of view and from the perspective of always having all the necessary instruments to hand.

The clothes hangers that we distribute consist of a solid structure, available in both plastic laminate and in painted metal. This piece of furniture is particularly functional and can be inserted comfortably without worrying about the availability of space available.

The furniture included in the catalogue is made both in plastic laminateand in melamine and the colours are diversified to ensure the drawer units adapt to the style of the salon. The convenient drawers help to systematically organise and arrange the products you need. In addition to the model with support base, we also offer a suspended wall-mounted version to take advantage of the area below. In addition, design solutions with practical glass or laminate top with integrated hair-dryer holder complete the offer. For a complete, practical and compact structure, the suspended vertical models consist of several shelves, with built-in ceramic sink and taps.

The professionalism of the service is also evident from how you decide to arrange the instruments and accessories to perform cutting, drying, colouring and styling treatments as an entire service, always guaranteeing optimal results and in line with customer expectations. For this reason, the trolleys that we design and manufacture are essential complements to ensure a continuous workflow, complete with all the necessary products. The structure rests on a propylene base with practical swivel castors and the practical drawers are spacious enough to contain a large number of instruments. The upper levels are equipped with a side shelf with hair dryer holder and bowl in antacid material. Finally, the anti-scratch finishes ensure resistance to wear and prolonged use over time.

There is no more famous complement than the hair-drying bonnet hair-dryer when we think of a hairdressing salon. The Vezzosi models are different, but united by features such as resistance, quality of materials and versatility. The temperature regulation is completely digital with direct drying and ventilation modes. Steamers and ventilated lamps are the maximum expression of the research and passion for the avant-garde that have always distinguished our daily commitment.

Our offer is completed by practical hair-dryer holders in aluminium, metal or polyurethane, table mirrors, sink cones, magazine trolleys, stools and footrests of different shapes and sizes.

Our company specialises in the sale of accessories for hairdressers, barbers and retailers. We oversee distribution throughout Italy and abroad. Contact us for further information.

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