“ With imagination, someone can easily create a whole world out of nothing”

Creativity is perhaps the most excelled of arts. Especially for our Fancy collection, we have used a creative process to design washing units, seats, and working stations from an otherworldly beauty made to embellish and uplift your beauty salon.

The main focus of this Line is to express true beauty through the color Gold, standing for opulence and luxury. The materials chosen are modern and carefully selected to enhance the elegance that distinguishes every item and accessory.

Porcelain Grès gives a marble effect, laminates and steel are varnished in gold and the Skai fabric is used for padding and coverings.

Select your furnishing accessories from our Fancy Collection to decorate every corner of your salon with no limit to excess. Our working chairs are available in two different coloring options: black and white. Both combos have a steel base and a height leveler painted respectively in black and gold.

The washing units offer highest definition of comfort, available with incorporated sinks in the color black or white. To further enhance the commodity of the seat, the entire structure is padded with Skai fabric.

Working stations come in a single format or a double set. The singular station has a facing mirror framed in varnished steel with a sandblasted LED-backlit. The working surface is made of porcelain grès in the tone Onyx, and if you wish, you can add a practical footstool in golden steel. The double set presents a working area very similar to the single model, but it is wider and it presents rounded angles for that extra exclusivity.

The working stations, paired with chairs and mirrors, are equally elegant and modern. The looms are made of varnished steel in the color gold, with a porcelain grès surface in the nuance of the stone Onyx. To ensure maximum comfort, every furnishing structure is incorporated with laminated plastic plug-in handles.

Reception counters complete the collection with a laminate plastic structure that melts with porcelain grès surfaces and metallic frames varnished in gold.

If you wish to furnish or renew diligently and elegantly your new hairdressing salon with some handcrafted and 100% Made-in-Italy furnishing, we invite you to contact us for any additional information about our new Fancy Collection.

Vezzosi is a furnishing design company providing hairdressers and barbers the best quality accessories and design solutions for their businesses. We ship all over Italy and internationally.

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