The contemporaneity and exclusivity of the Flora Collection are perfectly depicted in the Flora Beauty Basket’s design. Neutral colors, wavy and soft lines communicate serenity and comfort all around the collection. Flora Beauty Basket comes in three versions, all offering a turning washing sink; nonetheless, the model Relax has an additional adjustable footstool with remote control. To further increase the customer experience, the model Massage has an incorporated body massage function for draining and soothing effects thanks to the constant flux of air reaching all corners of the chair.

Still not satisfied with your salon? The Flora Beauty Basket is everything you have ever wanted from a washing unit. The design chair is padded in Skai fabric; it has a division surface between each workstation with a squared glass opening to add privacy and distance without cutting back on the style. Furthermore, the washing unit presents a moving upper shell with white plexiglass and a Led-Backlit system to augment luminosity and visibility inside the sink. The upgraded versions, Relax and Massage, come with an adjustable footstool by remote control and a draining total-body Massage function. The great advantage of these professional washing stations is that the battery can be continuously recharged for an ever-ending pleasure.

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