When it comes to accessories for a hairdressing salon, one of the fundamental elements concerns the presence of comfortable, functional and design accessories. The furnishings of the ROYAL collection perfectly summarise all these characteristics.

The Vezzosi team specialises in the design and production of specific items for professional hair stylers seeking to make the environment unique and to offer the best treatments, starting from the furniture.

The cornerstone of this line is given by the careful choice of different bright colours and the ability of our designers to combine them perfectly, in such a way as to create an aesthetically harmonious visual impact. The combination of nuances with strong and defined tones is a prerequisite for the creation of accentuated items in all their shapes and geometries.

The upholstered work chairs (also available in the waiting version with a two-seater sofa) represent the ideal combination of seats with soft lines and armrests with a squared and structured shape. The entire composition immediately communicates a sensation of relaxation and comfort, above all thanks to the thick padding covered entirely in skai. The solid steel base with hydraulic pump mechanism to adjust the height perfectly completes a practical workstation with a striking character. The washing units continue the theme of the padded seat and are equipped with an adjustable sink and an innovative system for a total lymphatic drainage massage. Your customers will be able to enjoy a pampering treatment, relax and indulge in a moment of pure pleasure.

The use of the padding is also extended to the double-sided mirrors, outlining the glass part in a decisive and linear fashion. Finally, the reception counters stand out for the large front panel which contributes to communicating a strong sense of unity and order as it perfectly manages to conceal the internal support surface.

For further information or to request a quote please contact us. We address directly retailers and hairdressers in Italy and abroad.

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