Transformation and innovation are the basis of the creative passion that has always driven production and the supply of furniture solutions for a Vezzosi design salon. The SUPERSONIK collection encapsulates this perfectly, offering an expression of well-being, of technology and innovation applied to everyday functionality.

This is a true revolution applied to a traditional and fundamental space within a hairdresser’s shop: the washing area. The workstations in glossy polyurethane seem to come straight from the future and are the perfect synthesis of cutting-edge design.

The S-MAXI and S-COLOR models are not simple chairs with a futuristic look, but actual workstations complete with all the options that a relaxing treatment must necessarily include. In addition to the ergonomic seat and the adjustable sink, the structure consists of a display for the playing of images, films, music and for chromotherapy. In addition, a lymphatic drainage total air massage helps the body to relax completely and to be led towards the future of well-being. The simple hair washing becomes multisensory experience and involves the emotions and sensations on all levels.

But the SUPERSONIK solutions are not merely limited to the washing stations. Large oval mirrors with a strongly pop slant dominate the workstation, which, in its essential form, communicates playfulness, movement and fun. To best complete the area dedicated to waiting, cutting, hairdressing or other similar treatments, we advise you to view the work chairs. By this we mean structures that play between the alternation of full and empty spaces, giving a futurist slant to the salon thanks to the presence of different uniform and bright colours. To immediately catch the eye of your customers, browse the proposal for dedicated reception counters.

If you are a hairdresser looking for new inspirations to recreate the philosophy of the entire shop, then the SUPERSONIK collection includes the furniture you were looking for. The design and production of accessories is aimed not only at freelancers but also at retailers. We distribute throughout Italy and abroad.

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