The return to origins, rediscovering contact with nature and letting pure materials express all their strength and beauty. These are the characteristics that define the NATURAL furniture linedesigned and created by Vezzosi.

Always in step with the times and even anticipating them, our team of designers and architects set out to pay homage to the naturalness of elements such as wood and urban style through the use of cement. Two apparently conflicting products, but that together are pure dynamite for the final aesthetic result. The play of the different surfaces makes each complement the maximum representation of the study that underpins each of our creations.

The reference to green, with a strong Nordic inspiration, is expressed through structures in wood-effect plastic laminate and central or wall-mounted workstations. The latter consist of a rectangular mirror in the centre of the composition, which rests on a solid concrete base. Essentiality, as never before, does not require frills and accessories; the solutions are presented in all their simplicity, succeeding in perfectly expressing the bespoke design and research into materials. Among the many solutions, the perfectly round GIOTTO and GIOTTO+ mirrors stand out. They are works of art with significant volumes that leave ample space to the surrounding environment.

The common thread that connects all the complements of the NATURAL collection is the desire to recreate an urban forest, in which the modern design shares the space with plants, floral decorations and wood. All this translates into being able to offer each customer a moment of pause, where the city seems far away and the sense of freedom involves all the senses, redefining the very concept of the hairdressing salon.

Our company specialises in the creation of complete hairdressing salons and is aimed at distributors and freelancers who operate in Italy and abroad. Contact us for further information.

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