Chic, smart and stylish are all terms that can be summed up in posh, a slang term for classy, refined, sophisticated and typically luxurious objects, people, and places.

The Posh Collection designed and created by the Vezzosi team includes seats and workstations for an exclusive, elegant, and classy hairdressing salon.

The structure of the seats, stations and mirrors is in gold painted tubular metal, combined with surfaces in skai fabric. The lines that characterise the Collection are light and refined, to emphasise the shine and splendour given by the gold colour that immediately catches the eye.

The large oval mirrors are LED backlit and give every room a chic touch and a light spot that embellishes, shifting the focus entirely to the client.

To complete your salon in the best possible way, we recommend combining the seats and stations with round poufs and waiting chairs, which will help give greater overall harmony, creating a precious and elegant space, suitable for every need.

A little curiosity: the term posh originated as an acronym for “Port Out Starboard Home“, literally “left side out, right side home“. The expression has a nautical derivation, as it was used to identify passengers who could afford to grab the best seats on the England-India route and vice versa. When sailing from England, the most coveted seats were those on the port side, from which one could see the coastline; on the way back, those on the starboard side were preferred, for the same reason.

To transform your salon into a luxury venue with a chic and elegant style, check our Posh Collection and choose from a range of different seats and workstations.

Contact us for additional information or to request a quote. We are a 100% Made in Italy company, active also beyond national borders.

Posh: Posh, that is elegant, classy, chic. The Posh Collection takes the meaning of refined to the nth power, expressing its beauty through meticulous care and attention to materials and geometries. The seats, workstations and waiting sofas are composed of white skai upholstery, enhanced by the golden touch of the elements that make up the tubular structure. You’ll find backlit oval mirrors, precious and light, as well as exclusive poufs, which in their simplicity manage to be perfectly sophisticated, in every respect. The richness of the gold and the delicate, welcoming shapes will make any room a first-class salon.

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